Business Loan Referral Services:

Merchant Cash Advance Debt Consolidation Program

  • Deal Size- $100k to $2M
  • Minimum 2 years in business,
  • Minimum annual revenue of $500k, all industries considered.

24 Hour Equipment Funding Program

  • Deal Size from $5k to $500k,
  • Minimum 2-3 years in business
  • Minimum of $100k in revenue, 620+ credit score.

Stock/Bond Credit LIne Program

  • $80k to $50M
  • Credit line against investment account (not retirement account) of stocks, bonds, mutual funds. Rates are 1.5% to 7% rates.

Bad Credit Equipment Financing

  • Deal size $50k to $25M
  • No credit check, underwritten from a cash flow and collateral perspective

Purchase Order/Invoice Financing Program

  • Deal Size – $20k to $50M, advance rates as high as 90%, minimum, majority of industries covered.

Accounts Receivables Financing Program

  • Deal Size – $100k to $50M, advance rates as high as 90%, minimum, majority of industries covered.

Commercial Vehicle Financing

  • Deal Size – $20k to $10M. 1-5 year terms, all Commercial vehicles, school buses, limos, garbage trucks, construction trucks, transportation vans, ambulances, transportation buses, minimum $100k in company revenue. Start ups are ok as long as 2 year industry experience with 20% down.

Startup Business Credit Card Program

  • $20-$200k in unsecured credit lines that come in the forms of business credit cards. 680+ credit score required. 0% interest on the cards for 6-13 months. Rates are 8-24% after that.

24 Hour Business Loan Program

  • Deal Size – $5k to $250k, rates 15%+, monthly payback, can be used for Merchant Cash Advance debt consolidation but loan request cant exceed existing Merchant Cash Advance balances, 500+ credit score required, 24-120 months terms, program is underwritten from a credit perspective first then business income.

48 Hour Business Loan Program

  • From $25k to $500k, rates start at 8%+, minimum 620 credit score required, minimum 100k in revenue and 2 years in business. Monthly amortization

Revenue Based Credit Line

  • Program Deal Size $50k to $500k, 12%+ rates, Interest only, minimum 2 years in business, $100k in revenue.

Cash Out CRE Refi Program

  • Deal Sizes $100k to $50M, max LTV of 70%, all asset classes considered- hospitality, multifamily, office, retail, industrial, mobile home parks and mixed use.


  • Deal Size – $75k- $10M, 550+ credit score, 1- 30 year terms, 1-4 units.

    Contractor Financing

  • Deal Size- $50k to $10M, commercial sub contractors only (no residential), lender underwrites qualifying jobs and does not care if client has existing senior bank debt, factoring or merchant cash advances, credit line is used for materials/supplies purchases and gives the contractor up to 150 days to repay


  • Saint James Holding and Investment Co Trust, (SJT) is proud to announce the NO DOC Fix and Flip Line of Credit. There are lots of LOCs advertised however ours is a NO DOC. We do not request bank statements, source funds or require tax returns. The PFS is stated, not verified.
  • $1,000,000 revolving Line of Credit, good for 12 months! We only pull credit once for each LOC approval. To get pre-approved you just to meet the below simple requirements:
  • Client must have at least 3 flips in the last 36 months; purchase and sale HUDs required for verification Min FICO of 600 (lower case by case)
  • Stated net worth on PFS of $250,000+ (lower case by case) Entity docs needed
  • NO FEE to apply other than $50 credit and background cost. No other fees until you close a loan (typical closing costs would apply).

To Prequal for the Line of Credit Program, we will need the following documents submitted.

  1. Current Credit Report within the last 30 days
  2. 3 Hud 1 closing documents for the last three years, to prove real estate experience
  3. Personal Financial Statement of a min of $250,000 net worth

Email info to our office attention loan department:


  • Up to 90% of the purchase price
  • 100% of the renovation funds
  • Up to 70% of the ARV
  • Stated income and assets, no bank statements or tax returns required
  • $200,000-$25,000,000
  • Rates from 8.5-11%, interest-only, no prepayment penalty


  • Up to 80% of total costs, including land
  • Up to 70% of completed value
  • $200,000-$25,000,000
  • 18 month term, interest-only, no prepayment penalty


  • Multifamily, Office, Mixed-Use, Retail, Industrial, Self-Storage, Hospitality
  • Up to 85% of the purchase price
  • Traditional bridge or value-add
  • Loan amounts starting at $2MM to $30MM+
  • 12-36 month term, interest-only, no prepayment penalty
  • Rates from L +3.5%


  • Multifamily and Mixed-Use
  • Up to 80% of purchase price + 100% of renovation costs
  • $500,000-$2MM
  • Up to 24 month term, interest-only, no prepayment penalty
  • Rates start at 7.49%

Contact us for more information about the long-term programs available.