History of Saint James Holding and Investment Company Trust was originally founded in 1993 as a small boutique financial service provider. It branched off into the real estate mortgage banking world up until 2007. Due to the health of the managing member. Elder Jeffre Saint James, D. PSc, MBA – which also is a Service Disabled Veteran. After the fall of the real estate market in 2008, that phase of the business ended. With the renewed health of the managing member in 2010, a second chance at completing a lifelong passion and dream was restarted through a real estate development and management service through R.A. Management Group LLC.


Spending 7 years in research and development for self-sustainable and intentional communities.

SJT has relaunched its platform to assist with the capital raising and backing of projects in the Americas – Africa and 57 nations worldwide.

Finalizing contracts, joint venture agreements, strategic partners and site control, SJT is now primed to complete projects and provide a sound return to all of their partners, investors and cooperative member groups.

SJT is a Delaware statutory trust (DST) which is a legally recognized trust that is set up for the purpose of business but not necessarily in the U.S. state of Delaware. It may also be referred to as an Unincorporated Business Trust or UBO.

Delaware statutory trusts are formed as private governing agreements under which either (1) property (real, tangible and intangible) is held, managed, administered, invested and/or operated; or business or professional activities for profit are carried on by one or more trustees for the benefit of the trustor entitled to a beneficial interest in the trust property.

DST Investments are offered as replacement property for accredited investors seeking to defer their capital gains taxes through the use of a 1031 tax-deferred exchange and as straight cash investments for those wishing to diversify their real estate holdings. The DST property ownership structure allows the smaller investor to own a fractional interest in large, institutional quality and professionally managed commercial property along with other investors, not as limited partners, but as individual owners within a Trust. Each owner receives their percentage share of the cash flow income, tax benefits, and appreciation, if any, of the entire property. DSTs provide the investor the potential for annual appreciation and depreciation (tax shelter), and most have minimum investments as low as $100,000, allowing some investors the benefit of diversification into several properties.

The DST ownership option essentially offers the same benefits and risks that an investor would receive as a single large-scale investment property owner, but without the management responsibility. Each DST property asset is managed by professional investment real estate asset managers and property managers. It used to be that only large institutional investors such as life insurance companies, pension funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), college endowments and foundations were able to invest in these properties. Now as a viable 1031 exchange replacement property option through a DST, individual investors have the ability to invest in a diversified selection of institutional quality, investment property types that they otherwise could not purchase individually. DST Investments are located throughout the United States. Property types may include multifamily apartment communities, office buildings, industrial properties, multi-tenant retail, student housing, assisted living, self-storage facilities, medical office, single tenant retail properties and others.